How to take a Passport Photo at home?

You must have a passport photo of a portrait image, in colour, taken within the past six months. Self-portraits are not permitted. You can visit 118 studios at Reading for the Passport photo for more guidance. When shooting a photograph at home or the workplace, keep the following tips and methods in mind:

Lighting This is the single most critical item to remember while doing it independently. Shadows on the face or in the background are strictly prohibited and will almost always result in rejection. In addition, your genuine skin tone must be reflected in the photograph. As a result, employing stronger, natural light rather than a soft, yellowish fluorescent is considerably more preferable than the alternative. If you must use a flash, aim it toward the ceiling rather than straight at your face. This helps to remove red-eye as well as unsightly shadows.

Depending on your place of origin, you may have a somewhat different colour scheme for the backdrop of your document. However, generally speaking, it will need to be a solid white or off white without any patterns or designs to be considered appropriate.

Equipment. Any smartphone or tablet that you have will suffice for this purpose. Ensure that your face is squared to the camera and that the tops of your shoulders are visible in the photograph. Do you have a DSLR? Set it up on a tripod or get the help of a friend or family member to photograph it for you. Please don’t be concerned about the format or the size of your presentation since we will handle everything for you.

The characteristics of the face. Keep your mouth closed and your eyes open to avoid making any mistakes. Then, look directly at the camera in front of you. It is essential to ensure that your glasses do not reflect any light and that your eyes are apparent if you wear glasses. If the frames obstruct your eyes, remove them from the photograph.

Following these suggestions and tactics will result in a much speedier return and approval by the authorities of your home country. Fortunately for you, we will take care of everything else apart from the details mentioned above. When taking a passport photo in Reading from the comfort of your own home, our convenient passport photo 118 Studio in Reading can make the process quick and straightforward. In addition, if you don’t like it, you may retake it without being charged again. We guarantee complete compliance before submitting your information to the authorities. This should provide you with a piece of mind and help you to get your passport photo is guaranteed to be approved.

How to take a Passport photo at home:

Step 1: Take a photo of your passport

  • Place yourself in front of a white backdrop. If you don’t have any white walls, you may purchase a huge piece of white paper or poster board that you can glue to the wall to serve as a substitute (make sure the edges of your essay and any tape you used are not visible in your photo). Unfortunately, it is impossible to digitally change the backdrop to make it white.
  • On a bright day, position yourself near a window for the best light. Avoid standing in direct sunlight since you will not capture any shadows in the photograph. Using a flash is an excellent method to prevent shadows behind your head in any lighting situation.
  • Take a close-up shot of your head with a pal – selfies are not permitted.
  • Make sure that your picture satisfies all of the standards, including your emotion, stance, hair, and so on

Step 2: Upload the file and resize it to meet your specifications.

  • Next, you’ll need to upload your picture and make sure it’s the suitable size before moving on. There are a variety of websites where you may submit your photo and have it formatted to the proper size of at least 600×750 pixels for U.K Digital Passport photo, 35x45mm for printing.

For Indian passport photo is 2 x 2 inches for printing. If you can’t upload your file, or can’t print your photos, you should visit a studio near your location or 118 studio for a Passport photo in Reading.

Step 3: Bring the Process to a completion

If you’re renewing your passport over the mail, you’ll need to ensure that your picture is correctly attached to your application. This is accomplished by placing four staples vertically in the corners, as near the edge as feasible to the edge of the paper. Your programme will display markings on the screen indicating precisely where the staples should be placed.

Alternatively, if you’re applying for a new passport in person, you may take this picture as well as your application to an acceptance facility with you. Unfortunately, current conditions necessitate the closure of numerous acceptance facilities, and you are advised to submit your application when these facilities are back in operation. Additionally, there is no availability for expedited shipping at this time.

Checklist for Passport Photograph In Reading, UK Requirements

  • Backdrop: The background of the photograph should be light gray or cream. There should be no shadows or things that distract the viewer from the ground.
  • Lighting: The face must be illuminated uniformly from all angles. There should be no shadows or glares on the front to be seen.
  • Clothes: Clothes should be black enough to provide a nice contrast with the surrounding environment.
  • Glasses are not permitted to photograph a K passport or visa in the United Kingdom.
  • Hair: Hair must not be pulled back from the face. Both eyes and brows must be visible at all times.
  • Smiling is not permitted; all facial expressions must be neutral. Closed lips and closed mouth, except baby less than 5 years old.



  • For U.K, Indian and U.S Passport photo requirements please visit link below:

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